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Professional Development

Education and Training

NAFSA Academy

I am a member of the 9th cohort of the NAFSA Academy, a training program for international education professionals at all levels of their career. My learning plan for the NAFSA Academy focused on:

  • Broadening my international education experience by learning more about international student recruitment and advising
  • Studying leadership and management
  • Becoming a more successful advocate for international education through research and scholarship
Other Training Courses, Workshops and Programs

After identifying areas of weakness or areas of interest where I wanted to develop deeper skills, I enrolled in workplace training workshops including:

Academic Coursework

I audited two years of Arabic courses with Miami University students, which gave me an opportunity to interact with them in a different setting. Thanks to my professional travel to Israel and my Arabic studies, I was made responsible for study abroad programs in the Middle East.

Conference Participation

I have have attended state, regional, and national NAFSA conferences, with increasing levels of participation in conference planning and presenting, as well as taking part in other organizations and conferences.

  • Terra Dotta 2017 conference (Las Vegas, NV)
     Workshop attended: Advanced Workshop
     Session presented: Site Customization Advice From the Stars Among Us
  • Terra Dotta 2016 conference (Louisville, KY)
  • NAFSA 2012 Region VI conference (Columbus, OH)
     Workshop attended: F-1 Student Advising for Beginners
  • American Council on Education 2012 Ohio Women's Network conference (Columbus, OH)
  • NAFSA 2012 national conference (Houston, TX)
     Workshop attended: Developing Research Skills to Strengthen International Education Management Strategies
     Poster presented: Coursework to Enhance Study Abroad Learning and Development
  • NAFSA 2011 Region VI conference (Louisville, KY)
     Session presented: Mid-Career Professionals: Where Are They Now?
  • Ohio Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers 2011 conference (Columbus, OH)
     Session presented: Study Abroad
  • NAFSA 2011 national conference (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
  • NAFSA 2011 Ohio Drive-In Conference (Columbus, OH)
     Session presented: Maximizing Study Abroad: Preparation and Re-Entry Coursework for Study Abroad Students
  • NAFSA 2010 Region VI conference (Indianapolis, IN)
     Session presented: International Student Advising "For Dummies"
  • NAFSA 2010 national conference (Kansas City, MO)
     Workshops attended: Managing the Education Abroad Office; Basic Immigration Concepts for Professionals Outside International Student Advising
  • NAFSA 2010 Ohio Drive-In Conference (Columbus, OH)
     Session presented: Social Media and the International Education Office
  • NAFSA 2009 Region VI conference (Cincinnati, OH)
     Served on local planning committee
  • NAFSA 2009 national conference (Los Angeles, CA)
     Session presented: Study Abroad in a Transparent World
  • NAFSA 2008 Region VI conference (Lexington, KY)
  • NAFSA 2008 national conference (Washington, DC)
  • NAFSA 2007 Region VI conference (Indianapolis, IN)
  • NAFSA 2007 national conference (Minneapolis, MN)
  • NAFSA 2006 Region VI conference (Columbus, OH)
  • NAFSA 2006 national conference (Montreal, QC, Canada)
  • NAFSA 2005 Region VI conference (Louisville, KY)

Site Visits

Over the course of my career, I have made site visits to Israel, England, Ireland, China, France, Czech Republic, and Semester at Sea to visit universities and programs and to learn first-hand about the study abroad opportunities available to students.

Writing Samples

Study abroad advising is a job that requires a lot of short-form writing. I have had the opportunity to write several such pieces for student newsletters, which I have included here as examples. You'll find a few other samples of my writing under blog posts.


Media Mentions/Appearances

Letters to the Editor and Guest Blog Posts

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